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Rendering (the) Visible III: Liquidity conference program

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THURSDAY, February 8, 2018


Kopleff Recital Hall,Georgia State University (15 Gilmer St. SE, Atlanta 30303)

3D Screening of works by OpenEndedGroup

Discussion with Openendedgroup artists Marc Downie and Paul Kaiser

FRIDAY, February 9, 2018

Creative Media Industries Institute (CMII), Georgia State University


10:00-11:30am (room 306)

Rendering Across Scale

Bishnupriya Ghosh, University of California, Santa Barbara, “Viral Mutation as Biological Flux and the Fluidity of Micro-Processing DNA Streams”

Dan Reynolds, Emory University, “A Taste for Cinema: Chemoreception and Media”

Laurel Ahnert, Georgia State University, “Phenomenology of the Flood: The Ambivalence of Grids and Flows in Aerial Imagery of Environmental Destruction”


Flows of the Political (Panel B, room 306)

Chuck Jackson, University of Houston-Downtown, “Eye Slide over Borders: Grave Looks in Willie Varela’s Early Super-8s (1974-1985)”

Giuseppe Fidotta and Sima Kokotovic, Concordia University, “Tactical Liquidity: A Method for Studying Alternative Culture Industries”

Chip Linscott, Ohio University, “Black Art in the Hour of Chaos, or, Noisy Liquidity Spills on the Street, the Screen, and the Speaker”

Daren Fowler, Georgia State University, “Taking a Piss: The Waiting, Glancing, Negotiating of Queer Life”

Engaging the Elemental (Panel B, room 302)

Lauren Eldridge, Spelman College, “Lòt bò dlo – the Other Side of the Water: Haitian-Americans Compose Nation and the Self”

Jessica Bardsley, Harvard University, “Liquid History and the Vitalist Materiality of Chick Strand’s Kristallnacht (1979)”

Arzu Karaduman, Georgia State University, “The “crystal-sounds” of Moonlight”

Cameron Kunzelman, Georgia State University, “Liquidity and Order: Assemblages Between Kapoor and Lynch”


1:30 -2:45 pm

Lunch and Art Installations

“Points of Presence” (Adam Fish, Lancaster University)

“Rover” (Robert Twomey, University of Washington)

“ARP: Absorbing red photons 2016” (Michelle Atherton, Sheffield Hallam University) (beginning at 1:45, 2:00, 2:15, 2:30)


2:45-4:15pm (room 306)

Figures of the Geopolitical

Bhaskar Sarkar, University of California, Santa Barbara, “Going Global as gesture (Bollywood)”

Gregory Flaxman, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, “The Incredible Shrinking Planet: The Long History of Globalization”

John Roberts, Georgia State University, “Speculations of Violence: Rendering Race, Space, and Value in Nightcrawler”


6:00pm (Creative Media Industries Institute (CMII))

Reception curated by liquid blackness

A discussion with Professor Thomas F. DeFrantz, Duke University
facilitated by Lauren Cramer, Pace University and Alessandra Raengo, Georgia State University

SATURDAY, February 10, 2018

Creative Media Industries Institute (CMII), Georgia State University

10am – 11:30am

Liquidity as Reading Practice (Panel A, room 306)

Dan Fineman, Occidental College, “Film as Confluence: The Haptic and Phatic in Mr. Arkadin

Sarah Jonckheere, University of Lille/South Atlantic Centre of the Institute of the America, “From TV Flex to TV Flux: Channelling TV Affects and Archiving the Future in David Cronenberg’s Videodrome

Jenny Gunn, Georgia State University, “Film Aesthetics as Appropriation: Liquefying Blackness in Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers

Temporal Flows (Panel B, room 302)

Adam Cottrel, Georgia Gwinnett College, “Liquid Realism: Aesthetic Fluidity as Subjective Assemblage in 2046 and Holy Motors

Miguel Penabella, University of California, Santa Barbara, “Cinema Set Adrift: Los Muertos and the Free-Flowing Temporality of Slow Cinema”

Ahmet Yuce, Georgia State University, “Echo-image in Caché

11:45am – 1:15pm

Mysteries of the Deep (Panel A, room 306)

Michelle Atherton, Sheffield Hallam University, “ARP: Absorbing red photons 2016”

Lisa Han, University of California, Santa Barbara, “Theorizing Transduction: Flow, Translation, and Propagation in Sonar Imaging”

Lou Ruprecht, Georgia State University, “Liquidity Under Pressure”

Metamorphoses (Panel B, room 302)

Tanine Allison, Emory University, “Acting Posthuman: Performance Capture and Video Games”

Drew Ayers, Eastern Washington University, “Game of Thrones’ Walk of Atonement: Digital Nudity and the Liquidity of the Composite Body”

Steven Pustay, Independent Scholar, “9 out of Human: The Uncomfortably-Fluid Bodies of Monster Factory

1:15 – 2:45pm

Lunch and Art Installations

“Points of Presence” (Adam Fish, Lancaster University)

“Rover” (Robert Twomey, University of Washington)

“ARP: Absorbing red photons 2016” (Michelle Atherton, Sheffield Hallam University) (beginning at 1:45, 2:00, 2:15, 2:30)


3:00 pm – 4:15pm (room 306)

Rhythms, Affect, Intensities

Elena del Río, University of Alberta, “Bill Viola’s Affective Ecologies”

Domietta Torlasco, Northwestern University, “What is the Rhythm of Water? On Jean Vigo’s L’Atalante

Agustin Zarzosa, SUNY Purchase, “Rain and the Matter of Speculative Realism”

Thomas DeFrantz, Duke University, “Dancing Among the Watery Folds”


5:45pm – 7pm Keynote Address (room 306) 

Grant Farred, Cornell University, “Daseinstufe: Liquidity As a (Distinct) Stage of Being”


7:30pm Closing Reception (room 306)






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